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Soy Lecithin

The following articles include a discussion or mention of Soy Lecithin.

Valentine Chocolate: Saying “I love you” Without Lecithin

Table of Contents1 Finding the Best (Healthiest) Chocolate for Your Valentine1.1 Is Dark Chocolate Healthier than Milk Chocolate?1.2 What Makes Expensive Chocolate Better than Cheap?1.3 Should I avoid chocolates made with “vegetable oil?” (The answer might surprise you)1.4 Should I avoid chocolates made with soy oil?1.5 What is Lecithin?1.6 Is Soy Lecithin Worth Avoiding?1.7 What…

Are Products with Soy Lecithin Safe to Eat? (Like Chocolate & Ice Cream)

Table of Contents0.0.1 Page Content: 0.0.2 What is Lecithin and why is it in so many foods?0.0.3 Is soy lecithin bad (high PUFA)? What about Sunflower?0.0.4 How much soy lecithin is there in chocolate, ice cream and other products?0.0.5 Should I avoid chocolate or other foods that contain soy lecithin?0.0.6 What about other problems with…

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