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Palm oil

The following articles include a discussion of palm oil.

Valentine Chocolate: Saying “I love you” Without Lecithin

Table of Contents1 Finding the Best (Healthiest) Chocolate for Your Valentine1.1 Is Dark Chocolate Healthier than Milk Chocolate?1.2 What Makes Expensive Chocolate Better than Cheap?1.3 Should I avoid chocolates made with “vegetable oil?” (The answer might surprise you)1.4 Should I avoid chocolates made with soy oil?1.5 What is Lecithin?1.6 Is Soy Lecithin Worth Avoiding?1.7 What…

Why is Junk Food Bad for Your Health? It’s the FAT (mostly) but NOT the Saturated Fat

Processed food can make us fat, but it may have effects that are more profound, including the disruption of facial geometry.

List of Good Fats and Oils versus Bad

This page was created to serve as a resource listing good fats and oils versus bad fats and oils. The goal is to serve as a clearinghouse for discussions around why a given fat or oil is good or bad for human health, and to include recommendations for the healthiest cooking practices.

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