Measuring for a Sliding Glass Pet Door

Measuring your track correctly is essential for choosing the right dog door panel for your sliding glass door. In order to find the best panel for your sliding glass door, you will need to know the height and width of your sliding door track

Please note that these instructions are for channel-style sliding door tracks. If you have a monorail track, these instructions do not apply. 

For Dragon, Endura Flap, and Whiskers & Windows aluminum panels, a monorail adapter can be purchased for tracks at least 3/4" thick and 1" tall. The adapter provides a channel to secure the pet door. 

Measuring Track Height 

Sliding door panels are inserted directly into your slider track. The height adjustment range you choose will depend on the height of your sliding glass door track. 

height of a sliding glass door

If your panel is too tall, then the panel will not be able to fit into your sliding glass door track. If it is too short, then it will not be secure.

Sliding glass door panels have an adjustable top piece that allows you to shorten or lengthen the panel to better fit your sliding glass door. These height ranges typically span a few inches.

Measuring Track Width

Additionally, you need to take into consideration your sliding door track width. A panel that is too thin or too wide won't fit into your sliding glass door track properly. 

For a stress-free sliding glass pet door experience, you need the most accurate measurements of your sliding glass door track as possible. Luckily, finding these measurements is not difficult. Follow the instructions below to learn how to measure for a sliding glass pet door. 

How to Measure Your Sliding Glass Door Track

Step 1: Find the Lowest Corner of Your Track

find the lowest corner

With your sliding door open, insert one end of your measuring tape at the deepest point of the lower corner of your sliding glass door track.

Make sure the tape measure is flush to the corner. There may be a part of your door track blocking the lowest point of the corner.

Step 2: Find the Highest Corner of Your Track

measure the highest corner

Line the measuring tape up the side of your doorway, stopping at the highest corner. Make sure the measuring tape is flush with the corner and is not blocked.

The distance from the bottom of your door to the top is your sliding glass door track height. You will need to select a height adjustment range that includes your track height. Some brands have custom options if your track height does not fall into one of the height adjustment range options.

Step 3: Measure Your Track Width

measure your track width

Using your tape measure, find the width of the bottom track your sliding glass door slides along.

Most aluminum pet door panels require a track at least 1" wide. Most vinyl panels require a track at least 1.5" wide. Make sure to check the product details to ensure the panel will fit in your track. 

Tips For Ordering Your Sliding Glass Door Pet Door

  • Make sure you measure your pet to ensure the flap size will fit your dog or cat.
  • If you have a monorail sliding glass door track, you may need to purchase a monorail adapter in order to fit your panel into your pet door.
  • If your sliding glass door is an odd height and no standard panel will fit it, you can always purchase a custom dog door panel
  • If your sliding glass door height is between sizes, you may be able to trim the top of your panel with a saw. The amount you can trim will vary by brand.
  • If the panel you ordered is slightly too short, there is a height extension piece compatible with Endura Flap, Dragon, and Whiskers & Windows brands. 
  • We want you to receive the right size the first time. If you have any questions about measuring, please reach out to customer service.