Sometimes an 'off-the-shelf' dog door just won't work.

Scenario: a pet door for sliding glass door with an unusual track height. There's no 'standard' height and even though every manufacturer offers one or more common ranges, there are still many that need something custom built. The sideways dog door for sliding glass doors or windows presents the same situation; it's really a miniature sliding glass door, but no sliding glass dog door is going to fit. You must have one built 'custom height undersized'.

Another scenario: french doors. If you remove one or more panes, the resulting hole will not match the 'rough cut out' of any off-the-shelf pet door unless you happen to be extremely lucky. You'll need one built to your specific dimensions. Some pet door installation situations are unusual in that it may not be obvious how best to proceed with your dog door or cat door. 

In light of the above problems that come to surface when installing a dog door or cat door shop our selection of custom pet doors. We offer custom dimension pet doors as well as storm pet doors. Thinking about purchasing a preinstalled dog door? Bad idea! Read why our experts believe preinstalled pet doors are not all they're cracked up to be!