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Hi PetDoor Folks, Thank you for the opportunity to show off our cute faces, we love our Pet Door and the pictures that Mom takes of us. Love, Skye and Lizzie (and our mama Mel).

168官方最新澳洲幸运10全国统一开奖结果网页 Melania Mattson

This is Milton and I love his pet door! Milton always wonders what he can fit through there with him!


We've had our Ideal Fast Fit for about 5 years and have never had a problem with it. Our dogs use it all day long. It's a perfect fit for their active lifestyle.

Kevin Kane

Loki my cat using his door plus a picture of his regal self. He loves his door!

Jeannie Colson

This PetDoors dog door has stone steps and its own roof. Our Beagle, Casey, who doesn’t like to get wet, can stick his head out and look around even when it is raining. We have two double flap pet doors for entry into a climate-controlled kennel in our home. We have used many types of doors over many years and have found that these doors are the very best for sealing out the elements. Thanks.

Cliff Strickland

We just had new siding put on our house and are so in love with how this Hale pet door worked with our home design. Our cat loves it and we couldn’t be happier.

澳洲幸运十开奖视频体彩网 Kristine Virsis

Zoey and Banksy love their doggie door from!

Cindy Osaki

Here’s a photo of Luna loving our big doggie door! Best purchase ever!!

Brianne Bayer

This is my service dog Nicholas. He’s a Great Dane and loves his doggie door.

Josh Lyons

Henry is a two-year-old Golden Retriever and was very reluctant to go through the door, but when he decided to use the entrance it was nonstop. The door is a gateway to a new world for Henry. Henry loves being outside observing all the activity. Yes, the door is much more than a door.

D Ferguson

Boomer is my fawn and white male bull terrier, and Zara May is my white female. They just love their new pet door and their personal set of stairs I built so they can access our raised screened porch. I love the new pet door because it saves me letting them in and out the human sized door 300 times a day!

Ashton Young

Calvin loves his dog door. 🐶❤️

澳洲10历史官网开奖结果+Britnee Martinez

Dulce is blind. He loves sitting just outside the dog door looking inside. Juno likes looking out the door. We love our door!

Tom Tripp

This is Leonard the Bernese Mountain Dog. He puts his door through its paces for sure!

Rondi Spauling

Banjo loves his Hale Door!

Regan Kosch

Nice product. The template was very easy to follow for the hole in the door, but what they don't mention is that if you have a thin door (mine went in the bottom panel) you need to cut down the dog flap to make it thinner.

Amazon Customer
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